Mystic Angels

The Mystic Angels are half Wise Ones and half Incarnated Angels. Mystic Angels share much of the same characteristics as Incarnated Angels, in that they’re loving, helpful, and caring. Yet, since they’ve had several lifetimes on Earth (as Incarnated Angels), they’re street smart and edge. They might cuss, abuse alcohol, or gamble…yet they’re still angels.

Mystic Angels appreciate rules because they abhor chaos. Like Incarnated Angels, they’ll apologize. Yet they only say “I’m sorry” because it’s a fast way to clear up conflict, and not because they feel guilty. Incarnated Angels have the corner on harboring guilt feelings among the realms.

Mystic Angels have the hard-won wisdom that comes from many lifetimes of helping in the trenches of wars and conflicts . Even though they’ve seen it all, Mystic Angels still retain faith in the goodness of humanity.

Mystic Angels aren’t timid in front of audiences compared to Incarnated Angels. With their Wise One heritage, Mystic Angels make wonderful teachers, speakers, and workshop presenters. They love to teach about healing techniques and offer tips for happy living.

Mystic Angels aren’t afraid to acknowledge the shadow side of life. They clearly see the ego issues behind human dramas. The focus and language of a Mystic Angel is a bit darker and earthier than that of an Incarnated Angel (which is a realm that doesn’t like to look at or acknowledge problems or shadows).

One Mystic Angel described her realm’s characteristics in this way: “We like to use both Angel Oracle Cards and also Tarot Cards. We’re healers who are know-it-alls. Because we’ve been killed in previous lifetimes, we’re often afraid to come out of the spiritual closet. But when we do, we fly high and fast in putting our purpose in to action.

From The Book: Realms Of The Earth Angels

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